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Harnessing the expertise to deliver sustainability

Will sustainability be a casualty of Covid-19?

We launched Environment Analyst, a market intelligence business, in 2008 into the teeth of the global financial crisis. Customers turned to us for intelligence to help navigate market shock waves – as the development sector collapsed, private sector clients switched their priorities towards survival rather than sustainability, and later as government austerity kicked in.

Now, as our customers grapple with Covid-19, our aim is to reapply some of our learnings from 12 years ago, and once again deliver the intelligence the environmental sector needs as it charts a route towards a brighter future.


Let's hope this time sustainability strategy is not a casuality of the crisis. We want our new Sustainability Delivery Group to showcase the talents of the environmental and sustainability consulting sector and help clients and wider stakeholders think holistically and creatively as they plan for post-crisis opportunities.

Julian Rose & Liz Trew
Co-founders, Environment Analyst
April 2020

Sustainability Delivery Group purpose

The Sustainability Delivery Group aims to harness the environmental and sustainability consultancy sector’s potential to deliver sustainability.

The Group's objectives are to:

  • Improve the value proposition of the environmental and sustainability consultancy industry

  • Drive forward the industry's leadership role in providing innovative solutions to mitigate the climate and biodiversity crises

  • Listen carefully to client sectors' needs and promote stakeholder dialogue with consultancy practice leaders

We also seek to:

  • Inspire the next generation of sustainability leaders

  • Promote diversity and inclusion

  • Promote international business opportunities

  • Represent the whole environmental consulting sector, large and small, specialist and multidisciplinary


Allied to these objectives is that the Group seeks to facilitate partnerships, in line with SDG 17 (the UN Sustainable Development Goal on partnerships). This is relevant on two levels:

  • promoting dialogue with client sectors and other influential stakeholders;

  • building a shared sense of purpose within the environmental sector itself.


Client sector stakeholders
– why participate?

  • If you carry responsibility for sustainability challenges in the corporate or government sectors, we want to hear from you

  • Reach out to experts and share your strategic challenges

  • Explain how you are responding to pressure from investor, employee and customer stakeholders

  • Is your business genuinely able to thrive in a net zero world?

  • Delivering on natural capital and social capital: what are your challenges?

Contact to find out more:

Ross Griffiths

Editorial and Research Manager

Environment Analy​st

Tel: +44 (0) 1743 818 299


Business Meeting

Why should consultants get involved?

  • Help define the future for environmental consulting

  • Demonstrate your sector leadership

  • Enhance your employer brand

  • Learn from stakeholders and give something back

  • Identify sector opportunities


Contact to find out more:

Julian Rose

Managing Director

Environment Analyst

Tel: +44 (0) 7910 775 919



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