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Sustainability Delivery Group

Harnessing the industry's expertise to deliver sustainability


Hear members of our Sustainability Delivery Group share their expertise with our free collection of Expert Talks

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Energy Auditing – How to Implement Effective Decision Making

Exploring how to deliver high quality energy audits and supplement the on-site time with further decarbonization expertise for renewables, heat migration, electrification of heat, future fuels and transport assessments.



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Nutrogeddon: Delivering Nutrient Neutrality in the Housing Development Sector

Nitrogen and / or phosphorus neutrality must be achieved by new housing developments located in multiple catchments throughout England and Wales. Achieving neutrality can be difficult and costly and has prevented or delayed the construction of 145,000 homes. While solutions do exist, there are multiple challenges to overcome.


Green Hydrogen – Best Practices and Challenges of Implementation

No and low carbon hydrogen is seen as a key part of decarbonisation of the energy system - not a week goes by without an announcement about a new mega project, a national plan, or an industry transforming trial. Here, Sam Mackilligin, Energy Strategy & Growth Director - EUR & India at AECOM, explores best practice and implementation challenges for green hydrogen.


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Net Zero and a Sustainable Future

This talk will discuss the potential role of soil carbon in the journey to Net Zero and the wider co-benefits which can be achieved through sustainable soil and land management and stewardship.

Net Zero


Grid Constraints and the Transition to Net Zero

The grid in the UK is constrained, slowing down the country in its push towards net zero. This is one of the most significant challenges for the regulators as well as developers, with many connections dates now being beyond 2030. In this Expert Talk, speakers from AECOM will explore these grid constraints in the transition to net zero.


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Do We Still Need Innovators in the Net Zero Agenda?

Ben Harris, UK Climate Change & Sustainability Director from Arcadis will talk about his experience of climate innovation in the UK and Europe and the innovation needed to make net zero a reality.

Net Zero

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Delivering Environmental Net Gain

This presentation will give a brief overview of the landscape around environmental net gain, followed by case studies demonstrating the implementation of the natural capital approach.

Natural Capital

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Decarbonising the Road Networks

This Expert Talk will discuss what the future holds for the Strategic Road Network (SRN) in a country aspiring to reach net zero by 2050, answering questions such as: Can we solely rely on the adoption of electric vehicles to deliver a decarbonised SRN?

Net Zero

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Integrating Development, Masterplanning and Net Zero

In this Expert Talk speakers Aydin Zorlutuna and George Rowberry from Arcadis discuss what this means and how impacts at a local planning policy level can be addressed.

Net Zero


Embedding Social Value Within the Professional Services Sector

Specifically, this talk will consider: where contractors and those in the professional services sector can work together, where professional services can offer unique value, and how the social value agenda adds value to the professional services sector.

Social Value

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Cultivating Behaviours for a Net Zero Future

This Expert Talk will explore some of the behaviours individuals can cultivate to do their bit to reach Net Zero, and outline how an organisation can support and draw on the skills and enthusiasm of its people to reduce its carbon impact.

Net Zero


Stakeholder and political challenges in a crisis-stricken world

ERM shares their current thinking and framework for helping companies make sense of the complex economic, commercial, political and stakeholder challenges emerging from the pandemic crisis, and how these might be managed. The talk also shares learnings from ERM's LicenseSecure service.

Net Zero


Co-funding and Partnership Delivery

In this Sustainability Delivery Group Expert Talk, held in partnership with Jacobs, we will look at how we can approach this requirement, using a combination of traditional and innovative approaches, to create new market funding and finance opportunities.

Natural Capital


Counting what matters – what do we really mean by ‘best-value’ solutions?

This Sustainability Delivery Group Expert Talk, held in partnership with Jacobs, will explore the positives and negatives of the current ways of assessing ‘total value’, and where we need to get better evidence to provide a more robust analysis.

Natural Capital


Co-developing resilient catchment solutions and pathways

In this Sustainability Delivery Group Expert Talk, held in partnership with Jacobs, we will demonstrate the importance of the independent systems’ integrator role in bringing together diverse stakeholders to agree on a common vision, and how this has played out in real-life scenarios.

Flood Risk

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What Role do Energy Storage and Hydrogen Play in the Energy Transition?

Looking at the critical role of energy storage in the energy transition, and will introduce Jacobs’ modelling of the optimum combination of short, medium and long duration storage solutions to meet net zero by 2050 and eliminate fossil fuelled generation by 2035, at least cost.



What if… taking an inclusivity-led approach to design can help us solve our sustainability challenges?

Lynsey Clarke, Director of Sustainability at Jacobs, will be joined by Maria Kouridou, Senior Urban Planner; Andrew Linfoot, Director of Landscape Architecture; and Rachael Blake, People and Transformation Lead in Jacobs’ Major Projects team.



What if… digital by default was not just an aspiration?

Lynsey Clarke, Director of Sustainability at Jacobs, will be joined by Maria Kouridou, Senior Urban Planner; Andrew Linfoot, Director of Landscape Architecture; and Rachael Blake, People and Transformation Lead in Jacobs’ Major Projects team.



What is social value? How do you embed this throughout your business?

Social Value

This talk will explore the roots of social value and how it aligns with CSR, ESG, Sustainability and Social Impact. It will be a back-to-basics webinar that sets out some simple and easy to understand principles, tools and techniques that will allow listeners to get to grips with the foundational elements of creating a robust social value strategy.

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Nature based solutions: Introduction to the Natural Flood Management Manual

The talk will outline the NFM delivery process the team has developed and concepts, methods and tools included to help users understand all aspects of developing an NFM project. 

Flood Risk

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Supporting Industrials to Align with the TCFD

Sarah Winnie, Managing Consultant and Nick Howard, Principal, Ramboll share the lessons learnt through Ramboll’s experience working with industrials to distinguish between decarbonisation efforts and climate risk assessment, assess physical and transition risks and align with the TCFD.

Natural Capital

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Does Biodiversity Net Gain help to address climate change, or make it worse?

Mott MacDonald present change in carbon sequestration rates that result from BNG designs for infrastructure development to answer the fundamental question: did BNG increase carbon sequestration rates and, by doing so, help to address climate change, or did BNG decrease carbon sequestration and make climate change worse?

Natural Capital

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The Role of Technology in Natural Capital Accounting

Michael Aquilina, Environmental Consultant, Natural Capital and Environmental Net Gain at AECOM, will explore some of the challenges currently faced in the field, the key opportunity areas and how AECOM are using their award-winning Natural Capital Laboratory to apply innovative technology to a real-life project.

Natural Capital

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What Role do Energy Networks Play in Energy Transition?

Exploring what role energy networks play in energy transition. We believe that there are opportunities for avoiding and deferring new infrastructure, to deliver infrastructure in time and to move away from traditional solutions through better early assessment of possible solutions.



What if… there is a better way for our major programmes to deliver sustainable outcomes?

Chris Sowerby, Head of Discipline for Sustainable Infrastructure at Jacobs, will define sustainable programme delivery and explore what it means for sustainability to be truly embedded and successful in maximising economic, social and environmental outcomes



Embedding social outcomes at every stage of infrastructure delivery: what? why? how?

Exploring what it means to pursue social outcomes as part of the delivery of infrastructure, why this pursuit is not only worthwhile but essential, and how projects can embed social outcomes at every stage of the infrastructure lifecycle.

Social Value

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An Integrated Approach to Decarbonisation and Resilience

In this Sustainability Delivery Group Expert Talk, Mott MacDonald will explore decarbonisation and climate resilience, how they are typically approached on projects, and how to deliver an integrated approach (and the benefits of doing so), through early engagement, the use of nature-based solutions and more.

Net Zero

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Catchment systems thinking - shifting mindsets to outcomes rather than outputs

This talk will help to unpick this nexus and present considerations for how we can develop solutions for a sustainable future.

Social Value

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Natural Capital: Why? Getting Started and Embedding Nature in your Business Strategy

This Sustainability Delivery Group Expert Talk will cover the terminology, why this subject is so important as well as outlining the changing landscape for organisations. It will then look at how to get started in understanding how businesses can approach this subject as part of their strategies and reporting.

Natural Capital

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How can we Enable a Secure, Sustainable and Just Energy Transition?

We will introduce what the energy transition is and the key drivers behind this change. We will discuss and explore the challenges for its implementation, and what this means to us as a society.


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What if… nature-based solutions provide the answer to both the climate and ecological crises?

Penny Borton, Principal Sustainability Consultant at Jacobs, will explore the role natural capital approaches and nature-based solutions can play in meeting net zero carbon targets.

Natural Capital

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Outcome-focused use of technology in environmental and social assessment

Luke will explore how appropriate application of technology can lead to technical improvements and deliver more socially inclusive and environmental outcomes, as well as explore whether inappropriate use of digital tools can hinder effective decision making, drawing on experience across numerous projects in the UK.


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Environmental Outcomes – A change of focus?

Mott MacDonald will consider the positive impact a focus on environmental outcomes could have on project delivery and protection (or rather enhancement) of our environment.

Net Zero


How to effectively manage Natural Capital data

This Expert Talk will look at strategic services that require natural capital assessments regionally, nationally and internationally. 

Natural Capital

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Products & Circularity

This Sustainability Delivery Group Expert Talk will shed light on how the CIRPASS Project is developing the future of product identification and the passage of products through our economy.


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